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Mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi and germs – these simple organisms, often called microbes, are everywhere. Microorganisms are diverse and aggressive causative agents of corrosion, deterioration, staining, odors, as well as health hazards ranging from allergy stimulation to disease. Healthy environment living starts at the micro level. With AEGIS, you can stop the spread of pathogenic microorganism such as mold and bacteria in your environment, and ultimately improve the indoor air quality.

Aegis Asia

The AEGIS Environment – Surface Antimicrobial System

Welcome to AEGIS Environment, where destructive and pathogenic microbes won’t be able to germinate as well as they used to. AEGIS Microbe Shield can be applied on any surface we come in contact with, in our daily lives.

Aegis Asia

Technology that
Inhibits Microbial Growth

AEGIS: Technology that Inhibits Microbial Growth
AEGIS Microbe Shield is not merely affixed to the treated surface; it is chemically bonded to the treated surface, making it a permanent part of the surface and allowing it to remain functional even after long-term use that may include hundreds of cleanings or washing. It’s the only one in the world that doesn’t leach, thus does not encourage any microbial adaptation or mutation. AEGIS reduces the need of using toxic cleaning chemicals as pollutants are kept in control… [read more »]

Environment Friendly
and Proven Safe

AEGIS is Environment Friendly
The AEGIS Microbe Shield technology is environmentally friendly. No heavy metals means no worries. The AEGIS Microbe Shield addresses the two main ecological concerns associated with leaching anti-microbials: one, bleeding harmful toxins into the environment; and, two, the generation of adaptive organisms (otherwise known as super bugs). The mode of action of the AEGIS Microbe Shield is physical and its molecular makeup alleviates these concerns…
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AEGIS Asia: Vast Experience, Expert Resources

Our vast experience, track record and diverse expertise give you the advantage of a one-stop centre. As the market leader in environmental source control and eradication, Aegis Asia has gained an edge in providing solutions where other companies have yet to venture. AEGIS Asia provides a broad range of services associated with the control of indoor environmental quality. AEGIS implementation can prevent health problems by controlling the growth of microbial contaminants… [read more »]