Bio Decontamination Services

Biological/Nosocomial Pathogen and Viral Outbreak Decontamination

Quality Decontamination Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Kindergarten Requirements

HFMD Hand-foot-and-mouth disease (HFMD) is caused by the Coxsackie virus and Enterovirus 71, is present all year round in Singapore. Outbreaks do occur in childcare centres, kindergartens and schools. Our experience, coupled with our state of the art decontamination equipments, enables us to meet best practice guidelines and the application of Aegis Microbe Shield® technology helps reduce the growth of pathogenic microorganism on the treated surface

Hospital Decontamination

Nosocomial infections have recently sickened or claimed the lives of numerous people worldwide. AEGIS Asia provides a total solution that encompasses the complete decontamination cycle. We clean and verify the decontamination was done successfully in the occupied space and guarantee that each stage of the process is fully traceable.

Office/Indoor Premises Decontamination

Most of us spend over 80% of our time in indoors, so reducing our exposure to notorious allergens such as Mycoplasma spp, Aspergillus spp, Stachybotrys sp etc, indoor is essential for improved health. AEGIS Asia offers a wide range of innovative solutions for bio-decontamination of indoor environment and its technology is design to provide for a safe and effective elimination and reduction of bio burden within the treated premises.

Aegis Asia: Your environmental solution provider against nosocomial pathogens and viral outbreak emergency decontamination Service

Our dry vapor system provides a quick yet highly efficient solution for the sterilization of facilities that need it as part of cycle or have contamination issues.

PROACTIVE: This option is design for high risks areas where cross contamination or viral outbreaks are frequent and proactive decontamination is the obvious solution.

SCHEDULED: Schedule bio-decontamination of contaminated environments or potentially contaminated

Ad Hoc Outbreak: Emergency Team will be deployed to decontaminate the environment implicated in a viral outbreak.

Aegis Asia has the extensive real world experience and the right technology to fight such outbreak in your environments.