H1N1 Outbreak Contingency Plans

With the recent increase in H1N1 outbreak in Singapore, many organizations are looking for solutions to protect and enhance the defense preventive mechanisms in their indoor environment.

Viral Transmission Method

  • 24-hour H1N1 Viral Outbreak Decontamination Services
  • Long Term Barrier Protection as defensive strategies

The need for Long Term Barrier Protection has now gain more importance than before as a preventive defensive strategy.

ÆGIS™ Antimicrobial is not merely affixed to the treated surface; it is chemically bonded to the treated surface, making it a
permanent part of the surface and allowing it to remain functional even after long-term use that may include hundreds of cleanings.

Remediation Strategies

Suspected H1N1 Case: To Bio fog the entire place using Ox Bio biocides.

Confirmed Laboratory H1N1 Case: Dry Fog using HP Vapour system for the entire affected environment to ensure every nook and corner is decontaminated.

Optional: Application of Aegis Antimicrobial

Validation: To verify the success of the bio decontamination, biological indicators are placed at the affected site before decontamination. After the completion of the bio decontamination, the environment is tested to confirm that they are no longer biologically viable. The above system is infinitely scalable, is residual free and effective in the war against viral outbreak.

Fast One Hour Response Time

Aegis Asia Singapore operates 24 /7, providing immediate emergency response for viral outbreak decontamination services.

Call us now by telephone at (+65) 6241 9443 or handphone (+65) 9321 9321.

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