Proud Partners of AEGIS ASIA

AEGIS Microbe Shield Technology is a unique chemistry that permanently bonds to the surfaces and inhibits the growth of micro organism. AEGIS was developed by Dow Corning Corporation (USA) in the early 70’s. The active substance causes the treated surfaces to become antimicrobially active by working to disrupt the cell membrane of the organism on contact. The unique bonding and antimicrobial capacity of the AEGIS Microbe Shield allows it to effectively control an extremely broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew, yeast algae and other one-celled organisms. (Recent test done by NASA confirm AEGIS microbe shield efficacy)

AEGIS is the first and only microbe shield in the world, which is non leaching and can be applied virtually on any indoor surface. The use of AEGIS to inhibit the growth of micro organism reduces the need of using hash or toxic chemicals, as pollutants are kept in control. (Not convinced, see scientific proof of how fast micro organism adapts or mutated with a leaching technology in two generation)


It is very important not to use toxic chemicals which not only kill germs and harm our environments, but to use technology which is friendly to the environment and you.

Play your part to make our world a safer place for our future generations.

The following companies are authorized applicators of the AEGIS Microbe Shield. Please pick an area below to locate the Certified Applicator nearest to you.

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3018, Bedok North Street 5, #01-15
East Link Building, Singapore
Tel: +65 62419443
Fax: +65 62429042
Website:[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Big Red Environmental Pte Ltd

10 Anson Road, #03-09
International Plaza, Singapore
Tel: +65 62419443
Fax: +65 62429042
Website:[/one_half_last] [/tab_content] [tab_content id=”2″]


Head Office

Abis Microbe Shield

18 R.N. Mukherjee Road
Kolkata 700001 India
Phone: +91 33 2248 8950
Mobile: +91 98 3011 9232


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Mumbai Branch

Envirotech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Unit No.25, Ground Floor,
Damji Shamji Industrial Estate,
CTS No.844, Plot No.27,
Veera Desai Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai – 400053

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Delhi Branch

Envirotech Solutions Pvt Ltd

1st Floor, 103 Anupam Plaza1,
Gazipur Main Road,
Gazipur Crossing,
New Delhi – 110096

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AEGIS Environmental (Canada) Ltd

Suite 116, 900 Windmill Road
Dartmouth, NS, Canada B3B 1P7
Tel: 902-468-5504
Fax: 902-468-4919[/tab_content] [tab_content id=”6″]


Biogreen 2000

Unit 1 Blue Point, 52 Factory Lane
Corydon CR0 3RL, United Kingdom
Tel: 020 8256 5000
Fax: 020 8256 5001

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The CIA Group LLC.

400 South Main St.
Fountain Inn, SC 29644
Phone (864) 724-0000
Toll Free (877) 977-8686
FAX (864) 724-0002