Product Treatment

Below is a list of our After Care Treatment services (click to expand):

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Active Wear

Control odor in performance textiles with the unique AEGIS Microbe Shield® technology: Physical controling mode of action rather than leaching chemicals provide an environmentally friendly technology…

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General Textiles

Protect everything from socks to home fashions for the bath or kitchen. Get the facts and you will see the only choice is AEGIS…

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Bed and Bath

With the added moisture that is present in most kitchens and bathrooms, it can be difficult to keep these rooms smelling clean and fresh…

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Building Products

It is possible to revent mold and mildew in the building products you purchase! Construction products protected by the AEGIS Microbe Shield® antimicrobial technology are durable and effective against the growth of mold…

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Formulated Products

Consumer and commercial formulated products utilize theAEGIS Microbe Shield® antimicrobial technology to provide superior performance in a wide range of industries and applications…

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