Consumer Household Care

Consumers desire mold control formulations as well as bacteria inhibition in their homes. A wide range of products are possible for consumer household use with AEGIS Microbe Shield technology. Simple dilutions of the Aegis Microbe Shield technology in water offer excellent control of mold, algae and bacteria on virtually all home surfaces. However, creating the right combination of concentration, label directions, and claim language can be cumbersome.

Formulating consumer items beyond simple dilutions requires special expertise, which we help arrange as needed. Our assistance in identifying the right testing protocols for claim documentation also shortens the time to market.

Products include:

  • Home surface sprays
  • Bathroom sprays
  • Furniture sprays
  • Auto, RV, boat products
  • Carpet sprays
  • Laundry rinse treatments
  • Concrete, masonry, grout sprays
  • Wood and deck treatments
  • Durable disinfectant combinations

Contact us for pricing or information on formulated products in household cleaning and care.